A-1      Ambassadors, public ministers or career diplomats and their immediate families

A-2      Other accredited officials or employees of foreign governments and their immediate families

A-3      Personal Attendants, Servants or Employees and immediate families of A and A-2 Visa Holders

B-1       Business Visitors

B-2       Tourist Visitors

C-1       Foreign travellers in immediate and continuous transit through the U.S.

D-1      Crewman who need to land temporarily in the U.S. and who will depart aboard the same ship or plane on which they arrived

E-1       Treaty Traders

E-2       Treaty Investors

F-1       Academic or Language Students

F-2       Immediate family members of F-1 Visa Holders

G-1      Designated Principal Resident Representative of Foreign Governments coming to the U.S. to work for a International organization, their staff members and International organizational, their staff members and immediate families

G-2      Other Accredited Representative of Foreign Governments coming to U.S. to work for an International organization, and their immediate families

G-3      Representative of Foreign Governments and their immediate families who would ordinarily quality for G-1 or G—2 Visas exempt that their governments are not members of an international organization

G-4      Officers or Employees of international organizations and their immediate families

G-5      Attendants, Servants and Personal Employees of G-1 through G4 Visa Holders, and their immediate families




NATO-4,          Associates coming to the U.S. under applicable provisions of the NATO Treaty and their immediate families



NATO-6           Members of civilian components accompanying military force on a mission authorized under the North Atlantic Treaty, and their immediate families

NATO-7           Attendants, Servants or Personal Employees of NATO 1 through NATO 6 Visa Holders and their immediate families

H-1A                Registered Nurses

H-1B                Persons working in specialty occupations requiring at least a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in on-the-job experience

H-2A                Temporary Agriculture workers coming to the U.S. to fill positions for which a temporary shortage of American workers has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture

H-2B                Temporary Workers of various kinds coming to the U.S. to perform temporary jobs for which there is a shortage of available qualified American workers

H-3                  Temporary Trainees

H-4                  Immediate families of H-1, H-2, or H-3 Visa Holders

I                       Bonafide Representative of the Foreign Press coming to the U.S. to work solely in that capacity, and their immediate families

J-1                    Exchange Visitors coming to the U.S. to study, work or train as part of an exchange program officially recognized by the U.S. Information Agency

J-2                    Immediate families of J-1 Visa Holders

K-1                   Fiance(e)s of U.S. Citizen coming to the U.S. for the purpose of getting married

K-2                   Minor, unmarried Children of K-1 Visa Holders

L-1                   Intra-company, a transferee who work as Managers, Executives or Persons with Specialized Knowledge

L-2                   Immediate families of L-1 Visa Holders

M-1                 Vocational or their non-academic Students, other than language Students

M-2                 Immediate families of M-1 Visa Holders

O-1                  Persons of Extraordinary Ability in the science, arts, education, business or athletics

O-2                  Immediate families of O-1 Visa Holders

P-1                   Internationally Recognized Athletes and Entertainers

P-2                   Entertainers coming to perform in the U.S. through an exchange program

P-3                   Artists and Entertainers coming to the U.S. to give culturally unique performances in a group

P-4                   Immediate families of P-1 and P-2 Visa Holders

Q-1                  Visa exchange visitors coming to the U.S to participate in international cultural exchange programs

Q-2                  Immediate families of Q-1 visa Holders

R-1                   Ministers of recognized religions

R-2                   Immediate families of R-1 Visa Holders