On receiving Immigrant Visa which you are granted an Alien Registration Receipt popularly known as Green Card. It allows you to stay permanently in USA, Study, work, own property, and do everything except voting.
One can become USA Citizen by Naturalization upon receiving Green Card after 5 years and in some cases after 3 years.
Immigrant Visa can be obtained in 10 different ways:

  1. As Immediate relatives of USA Citizens
  2. Under Four Different Family Preference Categories.
  3. Under 4 Different Employment-based Preference Categories
  4. By seeking Political Asylum
  5. By claiming Refugee status
  6. By joining USA Military
  7. By Winning Visa Lottery
  8. Upon USA Government enacting special law for an Individual, A Community, a nation.
  9. By seeking Amnesty if you are staying illegally and if US Government grants Amnesty.
  10. Through Investment Under EB-5 Program