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  • Do you want to travel to the USA on an Intra-Company transferee to work as a Manager, Executive, or Specialized Knowledged person on L-1 Visa?
  • Do you Want to marry a USA Citizen in USA and receive K-1 Visa?
  • Do you want to have your petition filed for your benefit under 4 different Family Preference Categories?
  • Do you want to invest US $900,000 or US $1.8 Million in a recognized Regional center and receive a Green Card?
  • Do you want to form a group of your friends and/or relatives and invest under EB-5 Program, hire a Regional Center and receive Green Card and do business in USA?
  • Do you Want to remove the ground of Inadmissibility? Have overstayed in USA or have done something wrong and desire to be pardoned and apply for a Waiver?
  • Can not receive Dependent Immigrant Visa along with your Parent? Want to Petition under the Child Status Protection Act and receive a Dependent Green Card?
  • Do you want to learn through personal training and Moc Interview, How to Prepare, Apply, and Receive an Immigrant and/or Non-Immigrant Visa of USA?

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