Dr. Sudhir Shah, Advocate

~Chief Legal Advisor~

An Advocate by profession Dr. Sudhir Shah is the founder of Sudhir Shah and Associates, Advocates and Notary. He is in Legal Practice since the last fifty-six years. He was a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) for Since last more than twenty years and attended its all Annual conferences regularly. He gained his Doctorate from Mumbai University by conducting research for six years on the subject “Effect of USA Immigration laws on the migratory trends of Indians” during which he evolved a new theory of Migration named by him as “The Theory of Legislative Restraint.”

Dr. Sudhir Shah, Advocate answered, “Economic Times’” Readers’ questions on USA Immigration Laws in a weekly column “Gangway” for twelve years. He provided solutions to Immigration related queries to thousands of “Janmabhoomi-Pravasi’s” readers in a weekly column “Oh America! Aah Immigration!!” also for twelve years. Mumbai Samachar, the oldest Gujarati Newspaper of Mumbai published his articles on US Immigration Laws in a special weekly column “Visa Ni Barakhadi” for almost fourteen years. His articles on USA Immigration Laws are published for several years in Immigration Times, Sandesh, Divya Bhaskar, Margi, Porwad Sandesh, Kapol Samaj, Darpan,Vyapar, Chitralekha, and many other newspapers and periodicals. Past eleven years on every Wednesday, Gujarat Mitra, the oldest newspaper published from Surat is publishing his articles on USA Immigration Laws. Abhiyan, the No. 1 Gujarati magazine is running a special column “Visa Vimarsh” in which every week it publishes Dr. Sudhir Shah’s articles on USA Visa.

In order to explain the complex and difficult Immigration Laws of America, Dr. Sudhir Shah, Advocate has devised a game “Kaun Banega Vispati” and “Snake and Ladder.” He has produced Visa No Ganjifo in which in the fifty-two playing cards he explains the entire USA Immigration Laws in a very easy to understand language. A renowned cartoonist of New Delhi, SanjeevKD draws cartoons based upon Dr. Sudhir Shah’s ideas related to USA Immigration. Up till now, One thousand such cartons are drawn by SanjeevKD.
Dr. Sudhir Shah, Advocate has also written plays on different topics of USA Immigration Laws which have been staged. He has also written in Hindi, 65 plus episodes based on true incidents of USA Visa seekers which have been produced by USA Visa Window and uploaded on YouTube with English Subtitles under the name Immigration Ki Duniya. These episodes provide guidance on different aspects of USA Immigration Laws and Visas. They Entertain and Educate the viewers.

Dr. Sudhir Shah, Advocate has up till now given more than a thousand talks on USA Immigration Laws in Seminars, Conferences, and Roadshows held in Mumbai, Navsari, Bardoli, Surat, Anna Anand, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Mehsana, Rajkot, Junagadh, Porbandar, Pune, Indore, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkatta, New Delhi and in New York also. Dr. Sudhir Shah since the inception of USA Visa Window regularly visits Surat for two days to provide professional guidance on USA Immigration Laws. He is the chief legal advisor of USA Visa Window.

Sangita Joshi

~Founder & CEO~

Sangita Joshi, a Veteran Stage, Tv, Film Actor also a Photographer, Travelogue, and Novel Writer are its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). She attends American Immigration Lawyer’s Association’s (AILA) as well as EB-5 Magazine’s Conferences in USA and other countries including India to gain up to date knowledge on USA Immigration Laws. She provides guidance to Indians who desire to travel to USA temporarily for a short duration or to stay there permanently. She has also arranged Roadshows for Regional centers.

Manisha Patel


Mrs. Manisha Patel’s main job is to upload the web episodes produced by USA Visa Window on YouTube under the heading “Immigration Ki Duniya” on time. She out of the multitude of questions, selects important questions and questions of general interest asked by the viewers of Immigration Ki Duniya for answering them by Dr. Sudhir Shah, Advocate, Vipul Joshi, Advocate, Preeti Gada Advocate, Jash Joshi and Sangita Joshi in Web Episodes. She also does general supervision work of Marketing. She looks after the Social Media pages of FB, Instagram etc. She also fills and submits USA Visa Windows clients’ Application forms for different types of Visas.She is working with us since the year 2017

Megha Raut


Miss.Megha Raut is attending to the clients phonecalls gives them appointment,MAINTAINS OUR ACCOUNTS AND DOES GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE WORK. She is working with us since the year 2011.

Jagdip Gawde


Mr. Jagdip Gawde is in addition to arranging Road Shows, Seminars, Lectures also does other odd clerical work. He is working with us since the year 2011.

Yashwant Gajakosh


Mr.Yashwant Gajakosh is young energetic and attends to the visa seekers and does all routine office work.He is working with us since the year 2017.

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